The early stage company kit
Good software turns crazy ideas into excellent ideas.
  • Website landing page and blog
  • Quick prototype of your platform or service
  • Full setup of your corporate email and newsletters
  • Configuring your CRM and project management tools
Work automation and process management
Good software turns excellent ideas into profitable businesses.
  • Custom solutions for work automation
  • Efficient data collection and organization
  • Custom data and process management systems
  • Coherent integration of social media pages, search engine optimisation
Redesign, refactoring and maintenance
Good software helps profitable businesses adapt and scale
  • Turning desktop products into web applications
  • Turning big data into meaningful data
  • Scaling and distributing your existing systems
  • Useful insights on user behaviour: analytics and reporting tools
Full-stack web application development
Ruby on Rails, HTML and CSS, Javascript in many flavors
  • Rich web applications with high interactivity
  • Quick prototyping and new feature implementation
  • Responsive layouts, perfect for large and small devices
Data collection and organization
Watir and Nokogiri, PhantomJS
  • Quick parsing of web pages - turning websites into APIs
  • Automation of interactions
  • Data mining, statistical models and machine learning
Good practices
Safe storage, scalable architectures and maintainable products
  • The right tools for the right tasks
  • Regular code reviews and up-to-date documentation
  • High quality standarts and excellent test coverage

Ivan Zarea

Lead engineer, Co-founder

Ivan is the team leader who believes in a pragmatic approach to help businesses grow and scale.

Doina Leca

Project manager, Co-founder

Eager to break complex problems down to simple solutions, Doina speaks with ease with both humans and computers.

Ilona Spesivtev

Account manager, copywriter

Photographer, journalist and technical writer, Ilona knows how to find the right thing and say it at the rigth time.

Sergiu Terman

Software engineer

Always enthusiastic about trying new things, Sergiu stands by one rule: we should do this in Ember. Or Mithril.